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(If you hold a 50% ownership or less, and are among the top two shareholders in a company with more than two partners, both of the leading shareholders must be included in the application. Simply put, if no one in your organization owns more than 51%, the application must include the two partners with the largest shareholdings)

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Non-Collateral Business Loan

WALLVESTMENT CAPITAL LLC helps small businesses to get the Financing they need quickly and easily, regardless of credit situation. Our merchant cash advances are the perfect funding source for small businesses who need money fast, have variable/seasonal customer now, or have been turned down by a bank

- Cash Advance from $5,000 - $500,000
- No down payment, no upfront fees
- No Collaterals required
- Low Credit Score can also be considered
- Financials / tax returns not required
- Same day approval
- Can be funded from 1-3 days
- 1 year in business or more is best, 3 months or more in business can also be considered on case by case basis

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